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Rationalisation of Protected Areas Management Agencies

Project Title | Review of the Institutional Arrangement and Management Effectiveness of Protected Area Management Authorities in South Africa
Client | Department of Environmental Affairs : Biodiversity & Conservation Directorate
Dates | September 2009 to date
The Project | Linkd was commissioned by the Department of Environmental Affairs to undertake a critical review of the institutional arrangements for, and the management effectiveness of, protected areas management authorities across South Africa. This included all nine provincial authorities, South African National Parks, the South African National Biodiversity Institute and the conservation estates of the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the Department of Water Affairs and the Department of Defence. The study reviewed the legal, financial, institutional and human resource performance of each authority and related it to the value of the biodiversity estate managed by the authority. Additionally a GIS database was created for mapping all protected areas by management authority which was used to rank management authorities in terms of their biodiversity status.
The purpose of the study was to provide a status quo analysis on the state of South Africa’s conservation estate and to develop options for more effective management of the countries conservation resources. The study was completed in June 2010 and was accepted by MINMEC and MINTECH. The recommendations of the study are still being investigated by the Department of Environmental Affairs, with a view to further analysis and the development of an action plan.