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People and Parks National Conference

Project Title | People and Parks National Conference - Content Management and Audio Visual Services
Client | Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA), Biodiversity Planning Directorate
Dates | August 2010 to December 2010
The Project: Linkd was contracted as a service provider in charge of content management and audio-visual support for the 4th National People and Parks Conference. The objective of the service was to ensure that conference proceedings were able to inform future work and be widely utilized by all People and Parks Programme stakeholders.
To meet this objective, Linkd designed an audio visual support programme as part of the content management service which included the provision of audio –visual services during the conference, and the production of both audio and audio visual content following the conference. Both of which were integral to developing an interactive website useful to a range of stakeholders, particularly those not accustomed to engaging with large quantities of written content.
The project resulted in the development of a range of content management tools, including a report, DVD, website and a digital book.
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