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Cane Trash Recovery

Project Title | Cane Trash Recovery (Clean Development Mechanism) project
Client | World Bank, Swaziland
Dates | June 2008
The Project | Crispian Olver has assisted the World Bank (South Africa office) to develop the first CDM project for Swaziland, thus opening the way for future development of such projects in the country. The project is located at the mills of the Royal Swazi Sugar Corporation (RSSC), who currently spend approximately E21 million per annum in purchasing over 50,000 tonnes of coal as supplementary fuel for its boilers.
The use of cane trash for boiler fuel represents an opportunity for cost savings through substituting trash for coal. The ultimate objective of the project is to eliminate the use of coal as a supplementary fuel, thereby reducing green house gas emissions. The Project Design Document for the project has been appraised by the DOE, and RSSC is considering how best to respond to the issues raised.