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Matthew Gaylard

Climate Change Cluster 

Matthew is an experienced project manager with strategic vision and an excellent ability to understand client needs and translate them into useful project deliverables. He has worked in a wide range of professional environments both locally and internationally in Ireland and Mozambique. As a project manager his particular strength is his ability to engage with the technical detail of project deliverables to ensure all project documentation and reports are drafted to an exceptional standard. With many years of experience as a technical writer, he has played in a central role in the drafting of policy and strategic documents that Linkd have worked on, of which some of the highlights include: the National Climate Change Response White Paper for the Department of Environmental Affairs, Baseline studies for the Green Fund commissioned by the Development Bank of South Africa, and the Climate Change Adaptation Sector Plan for Rural Human Settlements for the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.

Matthew worked at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission during South Africa’s political transition, following which he pursued a career as a technical writer and later a subject matter expert and curriculum developer in the e-Learning industry, specialising in Unix/Linux system adminstration and programming. He set up a successful IT Services business in Mozambique before returning to South Africa for family reasons. Since 2009 Matthew has focused on pursuing his long term interest in environmental issues and climate change, which led him to Linkd.  He is a certified Linux System Administrator and holds a Bachelor of Social Science from the then University of Natal, as well as having attended a number of professional training courses, including the University of Cape Town's Graduate School of Business course on Managing Reform and Regulation in Electricty and Water Sectors, and the Rhodes University's Coastal and Environmental Services Environmental Impact Assessment training course.