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Company History

Linkd grew out of a clear need for specialist consulting work around sustainable development. In 2002 South Africa hosted the World Summit on Sustainable Development, which was the largest international environmental conference ever held on the African continent. Dr Crispian Olver was the senior government official in charge of organising the Summit and preparing the technical work for the negotiations. The Summit developed an integrated global programme for addressing global poverty, environmental protection and economic growth.

On leaving government in 2005, Dr Olver continued to work with government and private stakeholders on sustainable development issues. This included ground breaking work in the areas of renewable energy, local government and state owned property. In 2008 this consulting work was consolidated into Linkd Environmental Services, which has become a leading sustainable development consultancy in Southern Africa. Linkd is very much a legacy project of the World Summit on Sustainable Development, and continues to give meaning to the integration of economic, social and environmental concerns in the concept of sustainable development.