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Company Profile

Sustainable solutions for the new century

Environment and sustainability issues have moved from peripheral corporate social responsibility concerns to mainstream business issues. Increasingly businesses are embracing technology and practices that lower environmental impact because it makes business sense, and is part of being competitive in a future market. For both businesses and government regulatory authorities this transition has enormous significance, and they need partners who can work with them to understand the new environment, embrace the technological change, and successfully position themselves for the future. Linkd brings together a unique set of people with policy, business strategy and financial skills to address this gap.

The company was formed by and is currently chaired by Dr Crispian Olver, who has extensive experience working in both public and private sectors, and has played a key role in running the environmental sector in South Africa and developing the global policy framework for sustainable development.

The company has an excellent track record of sustainability related projects including climate change policy development, renewable energy research and programme management, green economy analysis and local economy development.