Linkd Environmental Services comprises a team of experienced environmental consultants who partner with businesses, government and NGOs to develop innovative environmental solutions.


We offer policy, project management and regulatory compliance services to assist your company/project to develop custom-made solutions in the fields of climate change, biodiversity, pollution and waste management.

Project Updates

  • Linkd Environmental Services are the proud implementers of the EPWP UmVoti Landfill Construction Project
  • Are you interested in Low Carbon Emissions Development? Contact Matthew Gaylard for more info

Your partner for sustainable solutions


Linkd is an environmental and sustainability consultancy. We bring together a unique set of skills across a spectrum of sustainable development themes. Linkd offers specialist consulting services to assist clients with:

  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Public Participation
  • A broad range of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Solutions, for example:
    •  Low Carbon Emissions Development
    • "Green" Transportation, including:
      • Non- Motorised Transport (NMT) Strategy Development
      • Support for Policy and Planning 
    • Climate Adaptation Strategy Development and Planning
    • Carbon Offsetting
    • Climate Financing
  • Biodiversity Planning and Management, including:
    • Biodiversity Offsets
    • Protected Areas Management
    • Biodiversity Planning and Strategy Development
  • Reviews and Evaluations of Programmes and Strategies
  • Local Government Strategy and Policy Support
  • Integrated Waste Management Planning
  • Environmental Risk Assessments