Our Company

Linkd is an environmental and sustainability consultancy. We bring together a unique set of skills across a spectrum of sustainable development themes. Linkd offers specialist consulting services to assist clients with:

  • Project Management
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Public Participation
  • A broad range of Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Solutions, for example:
    •  Low Carbon Emissions Development
    • "Green" Transportation, including:
      • Non- Motorised Transport (NMT) Strategy Development
      • Support for Policy and Planning 
    • Climate Adaptation Strategy Development and Planning
    • Carbon Offsetting
    • Climate Financing
  • Biodiversity Planning and Management, including:
    • Biodiversity Offsets
    • Protected Areas Management
    • Biodiversity Planning and Strategy Development
  • Reviews and Evaluations of Programmes and Strategies
  • Local Government Strategy and Policy Support
  • Integrated Waste Management Planning
  • Environmental Risk Assessments

Our Values 

We are committed to making sustainable development a core business principle, as a way of doing business better and more competitively.

We believe that we have a collective responsibility to act as custodians of the environment and its ecosystems.

We support business practices where the requirements are in balance with the capacity of the earth to sustain them.

We are highly motivated and socially responsible, passionate about our work and the world within which we are active.